Choosing a Helium Supplier

Are you looking for helium refill near you? When choosing helium suppliers, there’s a lot more to consider than cost.Here are some key things to consider. Helium Expertise Look for a supplier who is an expert on helium and how it is used.Your supplier should be able to explain the different grades of helium and the uses of each so you understand exactly what you need. An expert on the gas should be familiar with all of its properties as well as safety and equipment requirements for handling, usage, and storage of helium gas and cylinders. Expertise on safety and compliance requirements is very important. Rules and regulations can vary by state. Equipment Expertise and Training Make sure the helium supplier near youis also an equipment expert. Once you have your helium tanks, you need the regulators, brackets and transport equipment for storage, as well as replacement parts for things like O-rings. Your supplier should be able to supply all the parts and advise you on how to install …

Choosing Helium Balloons for your Party

Are you planning a wedding, graduation party, or birthday party? Balloons add a decorative touch and bring a party theme together. Helium balloons stay inflated longer than air-filled balloons, and helium for balloons is easy to obtain.
Compare cost, float time, and variety of shapes for your perfect choice.

Latex balloons are the most common and cost effective. They come in a huge variety of colors and usually inflate to around 9-10 inches. Some people have an allergic reaction to latex, so be sure to check with your guests beforehand. Plan to inflate latex balloons 1-2 hours before the party. Over-inflated latex balloons are more likely to pop, so be careful. Float time for latex balloons is about 8-10 hours. Latex balloons can also be treated with a liquid called Hi-Float to make them last up to 3 weeks.
Foil or Mylar balloons are more expensive than latex, but they come in a wide range of shapes and stay inflated longer.Float time for foil balloons is usually about 3-4 days. They …